Eating Out

Re-printed from: Information Sheet, PKU Handbook, Australasian Society for Inborn Errors of Metabolism, 1996

The PKU diet should not stop anyone form eating out. If you have never been to the restaurant before, it may be useful to phone ahead of time to help you plan your meal.

There are many salad bars and smorgasbord-style places which make it easy to choose foods which fit into your diet.

Whenever you are eating out, don't be afraid to ASK if you are not sure about the ingredients in a dish. EXPLAIN that you or your child are on a special 'strict vegetarian' diet. The restaurant may even be able to make something special for you. Some places will cook low protein pasta for you - arrange this before you go out.

Check your food list for unit values of foods before you go out.


What do I do about the Protein Supplement?

 With young children take the supplement with you in a cup for your child to drink with the meal. If this is not practical, give some before and after the meal.