Party Food Ideas

Newsletter 1994 'Womens & Childrens Hospital - Adelaide' with additions from Lyn Harvey 2001

Frozen fruit pieces.
Fresh fruit platters
Strawberries dipped in icing sugar or low protein chocolate
Fruit pieces on toothpicks
Fruit mice made from tinned pears with sultanas, cherries and lollies for face and tail
Vitari ice cream
Tub of 'No Moo' from Home ice cream sprinkled with Skittles, 100's & 1000's or Jelly Totts
Chips &/or Hot Chips
Vege Chips, Onion Rings, Dips
Milk Arrowroot or Morning Coffee biscuits spread with icing (made from icing sugar, water and food colouring), pipe different colour icing to make a name place or make faces with lollies or spread with margarine and sprinkle with 100's & 1000's
Vegetable sticks and salad platters
Fruit parfait with low protein jelly and cream
Fruit and Cream
Low Protein Jelly Moulds
Duobar shapes
Low protein Choc Crackles & Honey Joys
Low protein bread sprinkled with 100's & 1000's
Pancakes with margarine & 100's & 1000's &/or Promite or Jam & Cream
Low Protein Cup Cakes, iced or make butterfly cakes with low protein jelly,cream and icing sugar
Low Protein Biscuits
Corn & Zucchini Pikelets
Vegetable Fritters
Pumpkin or Potato Wedges

Birthday Cake Ideas

Vitari Ice cream cake
Low Protein All-in-One Sponge Cake, decorated or refer to party books for shapes. Some cake decorating shops may well decorate a cake you make and take to them.
Decorate a cake tin with icing and lollies and then underneath the cake tin have individual fairy cakes, honey joys, chocolate crackles etc.
Make a two tier cake with a regular cake on the bottom and a smaller low protein cake on top.
Make a jelly mould using low protein jelly
Create a 'Number Cake' with 'No Moo' tubs from Home ice cream and decorate with lollies etc.


Regular cool drinks and cordials (with the exception of 'Diet' drinks and regular or flavoured milks)
Spiders - if you supply the ice cream/vitari

Sausage Sizzle Ideas

PKU Sausages
Sliced Potato, Pumpkin, Zucchini, Sweet Potato & Onion
BBQ Veg Kebabs
BBQ Marinated Vegetables
Vegetable Fritters
Cabbage & Potato Fritters
Carrot & Potato Fritters
Potato Fritters
Mushroom Burgers
Tossed Salad
BBQ Bananas
Fruit Kebabs


Jelly Beans
Kool Mints
Rollers - all varieties
Fruit Tingles
Orange Sherbies
Raspberry Fizz
Spearmint Leaves
Fruit Gums
Boiled Lollies
Tic Tacs
Fruit Pastilles
Life Savers - Peppermint, Spearmint, Must etc.
Jelly Totts